How much is that Kitten in the window?

Today I heard a rumor some of my favorite Seattle burlesque ladies would be dancing in a window for a special appearance by designer Betsey Johnson at her downtown boutique. I darted out at lunchtime, and lo and behold- it’s true. The party is still happening now- if you hurry over to 5th Ave you might catch a peep.

Kitten La Rue, Ruby Mimosa, & Fanny N. Flames mentions the party HERE

For more info on The Atomic Bombshells, see the sidebar at right.

~ by angrytruffle on 10/14/2010.

4 Responses to “How much is that Kitten in the window?”

  1. have you heard of Tush Burlesque??? Apparently I came across it and I think its a band but thought you’d like to check it out for yourself! Love the pix and surprised to not see you in the window!!!!

  2. oh yah! I was there! Do you know the name of the troupe? I blogged it and it’d be nice to link to them.


    • Hey there, so sorry. Talk about preaching to the choir. They’re called The Atomic Bombshells…check out my sidebar at right. They’re amazing.

  3. Niice post

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