What I Saw At NBR

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with the organizers of Naked Girls Reading about their one-night affair with Naked Boys…Reading. Though there are no plans for a second installment, the response was extremely positive, as one might guess.

I also spoke to a few of the readers to ascertain their feelings regarding the all-male literary debut. Although what footwear best complements a birthday suit was high on the list of points to consider, Monk (aka Twisted Monk, maker of the finest hemp bondage rope on earth) confessed that nakedness and accessories weren’t actually the most nerve-wracking parts of the equation. “I think the hardest part really was narrowing it down to three readings and then finding just the right passages to convey why this particular book is meaningful to you,” he said. “To share a book is to share an idea, an idea that holds personal meaning. Framing that, expressing that in public…now that is more scary than being naked in front of a large audience.”

Monk and fellow readers were in all honesty, a treat to listen to (and to look at, of course). Get the juicy details in my Stranger review HERE. And while you’re at it, check out Monk’s rope making talents HERE and in the side bar at right.

Twisted Monk: mean reader, affable man (Photo Elizabeth Raab)

Monk demonstrates some fine rope work with The Shanghai Pearl at SEAF 2010 (Photo John Cornicello)

~ by angrytruffle on 10/06/2010.

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