Naked Boys Reading

Not this kind of naked boy

It’s about time.

While attending the wildly popular sci-fi edition of monthly salon Naked Girls Reading last spring, I found my mind wandering, wondering if there might come a time when male parts would hug the same vinyl and tell me a bedtime story.

Listening to the lovely Violet Tendencies read Jeanette Winterson, half my brain continued to ponder the male/female equation. Would it work? Why aren’t men as eager to show off their bodies as women, especially in a town like Seattle where everyone at this point knows what boylesque is? Isn’t it peculiar that you can go to a strip club and see the same nakedness for the price of drinks (in Portland at least); but a brainy, starkly lit reading packs them in- despite unforgiving folding chairs, a $20 cover, and no alcohol?

Therein lies the obvious truth…it’s only the same nakedness in the biological sense of the word. The presentation is entirely different.

This Sunday, the NGR franchise started in Chicago in 2009 by Michelle L’amour and Franky Vivid approved the Seattle chapter’s one-time nod to fabulous female authors, read by naked men. Exceedingly comfortable gentlemen Monk (Twisted Monk Rope), Clayton Hibbert (Seattle Erotic Arts Festival), Waxie Moon, and Jean du Jour (GAZM) read from a selection of their favorites from various genres.

Yes, it’s a bit of a novelty- but turnabout is fair play, after all. Naked men and women in repose (even reading) have been the stuff of great works of art for more years than can be counted. Presumably, now they earn a bit more for sharing their time and loveliness and have decades more reading material to choose from. Next up, perhaps the boys and girls can read together.

See Paul Constant’s Stranger review of Naked Girls Reading from last March, HERE

Tickets for Naked Boys Reading, HERE

~ by angrytruffle on 09/29/2010.

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