New Orleans Burlesque Festival Highlights

Photographer Paul O’Connell- aka POC Photo- made the trek to The Crescent City last weekend for the annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival, along with a handful of performers from the Northwest. “It was good to see so many performers and photographers from around the country converging on the scene, as I’m sure they do at other burlesque festivals, ” he said. “And I was happy to meet some performers I’ve only heard of.” Paul came back with some amazing photos, and has graciously contributed a selection with commentary to BSP.

Here’s Paul’s highlights:

Coco Lectric (POC Photo)

“There seemed to be a lot of performers representing Texas- including the newly crowned Queen of Burlesque, Coco Lectric. Very well deserved I must say.”

Portland's Charlotte Treuse @ House of Blues (POC Photo)

The Shanghai Pearl @ House of Blues (POC Photo)

Catherine D'Lish @ House of Blues (POC Photo)

“On Friday night Charlotte Treuse and The Shanghai Pearl knocked ’em dead at House of Blues in back to back to performances. They were the ultimate in sophistication, tease, and playfulness-with a little dirty mixed in. Catherine D’Lish also performed Friday night at House of Blues in a stunning blue feather costume, and on Saturday night at Harrah’s.”

Legendary Satan's Angel @ House of Blues (POC Photo)

“Also at House of Blues were performances by living Legends Wild Cherry and Satan’s Angel, the latter driving the crowd crazy with her fire tassels.”

“The crowd at Harrah’s- where the main events were held, including Queen of Burlesque- was a little more subdued than the crowd at House of Blues and The Parish, who were very rowdy. It was good to see an audience that probably doesn’t go to burlesque shows all that often get so fired up. I was looking forward to meeting Lola Van Ella-I actually met her briefly about three years ago when she was in Seattle, and we’ve stayed in touch off and on since so I was very glad to see her again, and actually see her perform. I was also excited to see Michelle L’amour. I had seen some of the other Miss Exotic World’s before, like Kitten de Ville and Catherine D’Lish, and really enjoyed seeing them again.”

Kitten de Ville (POC Photo)

Kiss Me Kate (POC Photo)

Jo Boobs Weldon (POC Photo)

Michelle L'amour (POC Photo)

Virginia D'Vine (POC Photo)

*** Special thanks to contributor Paul O’Connell*** For more images by POC Photo, check out the sidebar at right.

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