Goodnight, Lustfully Legendary

Sinner Saint's host: comedienne Nicole Lucas (photo by K.R.K.)

Tonight is the finale of Sinner Saint’s Lustfully Legendary tribute show @ Noc Noc. After that, the ladies improvise through two weeks of Kamikaze Burlesque (audience picks the music, girls create routines on the fly) followed by a new run, Wild Card. According to troupe mama Audrey McManus, Wild Card will feature a carte blanche of whatever acts the girls want to break out- or break in- each week. Devotees get to see Evilyn Sin Claire, Jesse Belle-Jones, Polly Wood, Lolita “Tatas” Valentino, and Doña Dei Cuori in a brand new show of their choosing every Thursday through November 4. Jo “Boobs” Weldon once told me that a fundamental difference between New York and Seattle is that our performers tend to bring more finished works to the stage; NYC sees a lot of inspired experiments fearlessly rolled out and fine-tuned over time. Kamikaze and Wild Card bring a little raw invention to Sinner Saint’s usually more structured themes.

Incidentally, Sinner Saint’s promoter Audrey McManus also lends a hand with Blitz, the monthly Captiol Hill Arts Walk, as well as blogging about sex for Girl Power Hour’s networking site. GPH’s third anniversary gathering takes place on Sept 24- it’s going to be a big one. Tix available through their site:

Now back to transcribing interviews…recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Sinner Saint host Nicole Lucas, as well as with Atomic Bombshells’ emcee Jasper McCann. (I’m working on a short article on hosts- and as one might guess, you get a lot of mileage when interviewing people who are professionally chatty).

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