Catherine D’Lish to perform at Blue Moon Cabaret

Catherine D'Lish performing this summer in Spain

Catherine D’Lish is one of a handful of uber-glam burlesque performers that have broken through to the upper tiers of worldwide appearances and international festivals. She’s won over thirty titles (Miss Exotic World and Showgirl of the Year among them) and continues to be revered and name-dropped as an influence to many performers I’ve interviewed- including The Shanghai Pearl, who cites Catherine’s poise and full-blown sensuality as an inspiration. All that, and she’s a legendary costumer as well- possessing an enviable cache of hand-jeweled gowns and enormous props including a gilded birdcage, a giant spider web, an eight-foot waterfall, a champagne glass, and what may be the world’s largest feather fans.

Catherine- a recent Seattle transplant- has just returned home from a few months of shows in Madrid with Teatro Circo Price Orchestra. This Friday, September 3 she stars at the Pampas Room’s Blue Moon Cabaret alongside Inga Ingénue and The Shanghai Pearl.

Inga has also been a busy lady this summer. She choreographed SHINE: A Burlesque Musical and has been teaching the secret moves of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson as one-third of Dance Belt (Lou Henry Hoover and Waxie Moon round out the trio). Rehearsals have also started for House of Thee Unholy #4, which returns to the Triple Door September 23-25. Inga said of the first rehearsal: “It went very well; I forgot how much I love that show. I get to make out with Lou Henry Hoover, dress up like a Viking, take Waxie Moon by force, AND smash stuff on stage with a giant mallet. Fucking sweet.”

Tonight Inga cameos at Noc Noc with the ladies of Sinner Saint (Inga left the troupe two years ago and is delighted to return for the evening). Friday, she’ll guest at Blue Moon.

Academy of Burlesque instructor The Shanghai Pearl, recently profiled in The Stranger’s Burlesque Box, appeared in The Swedish Housewife’s First Annual Seafarer Follies among other shows this summer. At Blue Moon she’ll debut the “Diamond Necklace” act, inspired by by Marie Antoinette.

*For more info on Dance Belt, Catherine, or Shanghai’s Academy classes, see the sidebar at right.

Inga Ingenue (photo Debora Spencer)

Shanghai Pearl & Twisted Monk (photo John Cornicello)

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