Kitty likes to scratch!

Hottie McNaughty and a friend

Among the many accomplishments of Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque- an equal opportunity launchpad for the twirl-curious- is turning out at least a few performers worth their salt per class that go on to perform again. Some of those are actually inspired performers, and some are inspired performers that have a worthy agenda. This Friday and Saturday at Rebar, the agenda is pussycats.

Prowling for PAWS, put together by the ladies of Discontinued Trim Productions, is an homage to cougars and bad kitties everywhere. All proceeds benefit PAWS of Lynnwood- a nonprofit that finds families for homeless pets and rehabilitates wildlife- and Greenwood’s PAWS Cat City. This will be the second benefit for Discontinued Trim, a burlesque-for-charity production trio made up of Academy grads Iva Handfull, Ruby Whiines (say it like you spell it), and Pinky Shines. Last June’s benefit for Lambert House- Glittorus!- completely sold out and raised a substantial chunk of change for LGBT youth. Brainy as well as bawdy, the ladies of Discontinued Trim are also well-connected: the two nights feature feline-themed burlesque, belly dance, aerial, and variety from Hottie McNaughty, Minetta Lane & Violet Tendencies (Stripped Screw), Gams Galore, Kitty Baby, Moorea Malatt (The Naked Folksinger), and more.

Prowling for PAWS: August 27 & 28 @ Rebar. Full lineup and details HERE

BSP pin-up girl Honey was once a streetwalker; now she's a domesticated lady.

Discontinued Trim founders Pinky Shines, Ruby Whiines, Iva Handfull (L-R)

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3 Responses to “Kitty likes to scratch!”

  1. This is going to be a fantastic show for a super worthy cause!


  2. I cannot wait for our shows this weekend. When I was putting together the lineup, I kept thinking of how much fun our audiences are going to have!

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