Crushing on Heavenly Spies

The Heavenly Spies (Photo Chris Blakely)

The current issue of The Stranger features my review of The Heavenly Spies show XOXOX– click HERE to read.

Catching these ladies at Can Can in particular is half the fun. I’m quite fond of situations where you can’t decide if you should be staring at a body part or holding a gaze. Tonight XOXOX encores at 8pm. ( Next up for The Heavenly Spies- Red Hot Summer presented by Can Can @ The Triple Door, August 26 with Orchestra L’Pow.

Here are a few outtakes from my Q&A with Agent Rhinestone:

Which of you performed at Exotic World, and what title did you win?

Agent Rhinestone and James Blonde (who now lives in NYC) won “Best Duo” in 2007! We did a “Spy vs. Spy” number that included a fistfight while wearing pasties and various explosive devices.

Your current lineup for Heavenly Spies- what year did that start?

Honey Sexpot and I have been performing together since we met in 2005. I instantly wanted her to be part of The Heavenly Spies because I thought she looked like Patricia Arquette in “True Romance”. Over the years I have had girls come and go, but Honey and I are true partners in crime. She cooks dinner for us after every rehearsal and her mom makes a lot of our costumes. She’ll text me outrageous ideas for numbers at odd hours! Kimberly was our next addition. I needed a dancer for our tour of “Viva Oz Vegas” last year and she came to an audition. I hired her on the spot. She’s a beautiful trained dancer and I knew I’d like her because she wore fake eyelashes and bare feet to her audition. Coco Capone used to perform with The Castaways; we became instant friends and I think I lured her in with promises of big hair and liquid eye liner. XOXOX was our first show with this group…. and we are all friends! Caela Bailey, our host, is new to our group. I met her during this year’s Moisture Festival and immediately wanted to work with her. In my next life I want to sing just like her! She was a perfect addition.

You have an unusually high costume-turnover rate! It must cost a fortune to clothe you all.

Honey’s mom makes a lot of our costumes- any thing you see with fringe was made by her! Lindsey Cunningham of Spotlight Fashions (he makes costumes for Disney) made my big ruffle skirt costume and feather backpack. We bedazzle everything ourselves and often order miscellaneous pieces online. We are all shopaholics. You can often find us at Southcenter Mall scouring for matching jumpsuits at Forever 21. I sometimes wear my mom’s old costumes- she was a belly dancer in the 80’s and gave me everything she ever made.

Kimberly Galore (Photo Chris Blakely)

Coco Capone (Photo Chris Blakely)

Chris Blakely’s book, Tassels and Emeralds, is available here; his newest mag (featuring other Can Can shots) is literally just out and linked here. Expect more Spies photos in issues to come.

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