Behind The Burly Q: premiering tonight

After catching the neo-burlesque of Seafarer Follies this weekend, check out some vintage stars of early striptease with the Seattle premiere of Behind the Burly Q. See it- it’s HISTORY!

*Behind the Burly Q runs from Aug 6-12 at The Grand Illusion

~ by angrytruffle on 08/06/2010.

One Response to “Behind The Burly Q: premiering tonight”

  1. I loved the show at the Triple Door last night!!!! I thought it was very well done.Everything about the show was great adult humor with a Seattle Seafare theme. Yes I was there and I’ll be ther next year with my dark sun glasses on, their Ray Ban Wave Fairer’s, plus I do need to see…….. Joe Elder of Bremerton WA. OH one more thing, the Band was spot on all night and really very tight together.. 10 stars out of 10…

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