The Crab-Clawed Attack of Bambi The Mermaid

Bambi The Mermaid in Helendale, CA (photo Andrew Brusso)

Bambi the Mermaid, Coney Island’s loveably lunatic showgirl, makes a first time appearance in Seattle this weekend at The Seafarer Follies. In email, Bambi peppers her sentences with generous and sincere exclamation points- she’s just that excited to see new cities and bring her extraordinary sideshow stripping to the stage.

A sunny blond with a beatific smile, Bambi’s acts are deceptively sweet: she’s been a Pantyless Cheerleader, Bug-Eating Wild Girl, Snake Charmer, Little Girl, and an array of half Bambi-half creature characters. She’s a fixture at the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade and has performed at NYC’s Slipper Room. Jo “Boobs” Weldon credits Bambi as a pivotal force in her own realization that burlesque could be full-blown, bizarre performance art.

“Bambi has a significant body of work that revolves around sea creatures and her costumes are over the top amazing, which is why I felt she had to be part of this event,” says Paula The Swedish Housewife, producer of the first annual revue and pageant. “I could have booked an entire show just with her, but you’ll only get to see two of her delightful Sea Crustaceans at The Seafarer Follies this year. Too bad we don’t have a tank on the stage.”

Regardless of her fabled cache of costumes, with Bambi (who has forged a rich career in various acts of creative sex work and exhibitionism) you get the distinct impression she’s the type of wild woman that’s difficult to keep still- let alone with her clothes on.

Click HERE to read my full preview of The First Annual Seafarer Follies in the current issue of The Stranger.

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