Sparkly bits, in review

The Shanghai Pearl (photo John Cornicello)

Today my new column is out- featuring the pretty and pragmatic Shanghai Pearl- click HERE to read.

In other show news this week:

Continuing the burlesque/boylesque media blitz, Ben De La Creme’s Terminally Delightful three week run got a review in the current issue of The Stranger as well, check it out HERE. Last show is Friday July 23.

SHINE: A Burlesque Musical closed on Sunday, but is heading to the New York International Fringe Festival (Ellen Stewart Theatre @ LA MAMA) August 13-29. Nearly the entire Seattle cast will perform except for Polly Wood and Mark Waldstein (Richard Suit), whose parts will be re-cast with local NY talent. Roxie Moxie again plays Feral, but will double as assistant choreographer in place of Inga Ingénue, who is unable to work the NY shows due to prior commitments.

Lily Verlaine’s Nightcap: L’Edition Francaise at the Triple Door was hands-down the best show I’ve seen all year. Kitten La Rue laid down the hyper-feminine French sass with costume confections by Danial Hellman and J.Von Stratton. Olivier Wevers (a principal dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet, founder of Whim W’Him) choreographed a scandalous tryst for Paris Original and the absolutely stunning Kylie Shea to the music of Hugues Le Bars. Men blushed. Women attacked. Cats yowled. Lily Verlaine, dancer and producer, repurposed the lechery of Serge Gainsbourg- making Melody Nelson into a tale of female erotic awakening. A bicycle, a bed, Indigo Blue as a Rolls Royce hood ornament- Lily’s imagination is (thankfully) wild and boundless.

Kitten and Lily (Act 1)

Paris and Kylie (Act 2)

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