Cheating the Eye with Ben De La Creme

Ben De La Crème transformed into a “terminally delightful” performer gradually, imaginatively, and across several states. A pre-De La Crème Ben figured out as a youngster that normally unsavory behavior is better received the more makeup ones wears, and that artistic satisfaction doing something people hate can be a liberating payoff. Ben refined this unusual skill in various acts of guerilla performance art, creating a cast of characters she could conjure at will. Snooty art critic alter-ego Mi Mi Mit (long “i” silent “t”) started out crashing art openings with unsolicited reviews, modernista glasses, and a severe angled bob.

Today Ben’s talents go beyond the scope of angled brushes and lash adhesive. She’s made the rounds in Seattle’s burlesque community- starting out at Can Can, Sonya’s, and appearing with The Atomic Bombshells in Seattle and Provincetown. These days De La Crème approaches her work with an eye towards longevity, citing the weird and winding careers of Dina Martina and Joey Arias as mentors. What that work consists of is hard to pinpoint- a ladylike character with a curt, masculine name is part of the conundrum. Artfully smudging the lines between attraction and repulsion, hyper-feminine and monstrous- Ben’s performances are part comedy, part dress-up, part lipsynch throwdown, and part terrifyingly glamorous host(ess).

Ben De La Crème will perform her first evening length solo show three nights in July at The Jewelbox.

Get tickets HERE

~ by angrytruffle on 07/08/2010.

2 Responses to “Cheating the Eye with Ben De La Creme”

  1. I am going 2 times, I’ll be outta town the third night.

  2. Ben is fabulous and her show was too! Wish I could have gone twice.

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