Hot in the City

Since Pride weekend there’s been a cavalcade of carnality running rampant through Seattle- back to back parades and burlesque with no end in sight until the beginning of August.

Here’s a little of what went down just in the last week or so (special thanks to Roxy Ruby, and to BSP’s favorite seeing eye dog, Chris Blakely, for the live performance shots):

Bitsy Rini of Tempting Tarts @ Fremont Solstice Parade (shutterbug unknown)

Jezebel Vandersnatch of Tempting Tarts @ Pride (photo: Dan'l Linehan)

Jesse Belle-Jones @ Sinner Saint- Vaudeville

Whiskey Bliss @ Sinner Saint- Vaudeville

Group number @ Sinner Saint- Vaudeville

Wiggy Stardust @ Stripped Screw- Paradise Glossed

Faustian Roxie Moxie @ Stripped Screw- Paradise Glossed

Barbie Girls @ Stripped Screw- Paradise Glossed

Kitten La Rue @ Atomic Bombshells- Nightfall in New Orleans (photo: Michael Doucett)

~ by angrytruffle on 07/06/2010.

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