Tournee’s opening weekend

Mimi Le Meaux & Mathieu Amalric, cover of Inrockuptibles

Tournee was released June 30 in France and is picking up some stellar press. The film, written and directed by Mathieu Amalric (star of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), already scooped up “Best Director” at Cannes. Amalric stars as a rumpled, ambitious producer returning to France with a gaggle of burlesque performers in tow; the film follows the troupe as they tour French port cities and stay in cheap hotels. It’s a comic, but tenderly written road trip inversion with actual performance footage of burlesque stars Julie Atlas Muz, Dirty Martini, Roky Roulette, Evie Lovelle, and Kitten on the Keys, who played themselves…but different. San Diego’s Mimi Le Meaux is the female lead, and has been busy promoting the film and her own performance career since returning from the whilrwind of Cannes (she recently won “Most Classic” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame pageant).

There’s no American release date set, but check out the film’s trailer here:

~ by angrytruffle on 07/03/2010.

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