Private Parts: start your Vegas engines

The ladies of Porcelain Promenade with shiny co-star

Friday night’s Private Parts benefit to get the ladies of Sinner Saint to Vegas for the 2010 Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend was a success by all accounts, and a sweetly personal evening with one of Seattle’s best troupes. Jesse Belle-Jones disentangled herself from a skin-hugging straitjacket; Dona Dei Cuori unleashed some sizzling footwork with delectable dance partner Jerome. But the evening’s most squishy moments were reserved for the sharing of personal notes, melodramatic journal entries, and bad poetry. Polly Wood revealed her secret fantasy of becoming an Egyptologist- complete with earnestly drawn blueprints. Evilyn Sin Claire read a pensive teenage letter declaring “I don’t admire anyone. Except maybe myself.” Though clearly independent and headstrong since birth, she’s equally affectionate- concluding with a heartfelt note on being deeply touched when people selflessly offer help.

More on Seattle’s glitzy road to Vegas to come over the next few weeks…

*If you’d like to come to the aid of Porcelain Promenade, Paypal your love via; another benefit for BHOF-bound performers (including adopted matriarch Wild Cherry) takes place May 28 at West Hall: Vegas Or Bust!

~ by angrytruffle on 05/24/2010.

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