Tassels and Emeralds: becoming a habit

The print media blitz continues with the much-anticipated-but-suddenly-done new collection by Seattle’s top set of eyeballs on the burlesque photography scene- Chris Blakely.

I already have a couple of copies of his first book Tassels and Emeralds…which is still available here and features some amazing shots from the Fenix Underground’s heyday (including Georgia Myles and Sydni Deveraux) and some ultra-glamourous behind the scenes photos of Vienna La Rouge and everyone’s heroes, The Von Foxies.

The new one, J’Adore, is in magazine form, and documents January-June of 2009. Fanny N Flames as the Lion Tamer, Through the Looking Glass, Hellfire- a lot of insanely ambitious events happened in just six months alone and Chris Blakely captured it all. (He told me recently for a full length show that strikes his fancy, he might snap anywhere from 900-2400 shots in an evening. Incredible).

He’s got such an eye for it- Chris’s photos always manage to capture that one dazzling moment that makes a burlesque act burn into your brain. From a fanatic’s stance- mine- the photos mirror what I see and what I love when I’m watching. There’s a point of view, a perspective and total admiration, that’s easy to identify and relate to.

Get it! right now, here

~ by angrytruffle on 05/13/2010.

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