POC takes on Tassel Talk.

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Sara Dipity, one of the duo which started the peer review sessions "Tassel Talk"  (Photo by Dawndra Budd)

Sara Dipity, one of the duo which started the peer review sessions “Tassel Talk” (Photo by Dawndra Budd)

~ Written by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

Last month I was excited to be part of Tassel Talk, a peer review of burlesque acts in the works at Annex Theatre that began in January and meets every month. Peer reviews like this in burlesque usually consist of a performer (in this case six performers) presenting acts they would like feedback on and an audience of peers giving constructive criticism. It was such a positive and fun experience because of the sense of community I felt (not to mention the very yummy brunch that was provided), that I decided to get the lowdown on the origins of Tassel Talk by the women behind it: Sara Dipity and Bunny Von Bunsmore. Both women have been performing and involved in theater years before they ever hit the burlesque stage. Sara, who moved to Seattle in 2009, holds a bachelor’s in Musical Theater with a minor in Dance and Human Sexuality. Bunny went to Cornell for Theater and Feminist Studies and moved to Seattle in 2010 after graduation. She is currently working at Annex Theatre as a staff member, actor, and director. Sara and Bunny got their burlesque start at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

We conducted the interview at Bunny’s apartment while her lovely cat Sage kept us company:

POC: How did you get into burlesque?

Sara: Well honestly I had been fascinated with dancing naked since I was a little, little girl, like just kind of precociously loved that.

POC: That’s funny, a lot of people say that.

Sara: Yeah I had kind of been locked up in church ideals and stuff for a very long time and when I got to Seattle I kind of let go of that. I felt like I needed to go back to who I was and what I loved and it felt like a really good way to explore my own creativity and my body and my sexuality, so that is why I started doing it [burlesque], and then I just seriously googled ‘burlesque class’. Miss Indigo Blue. Perfect. Here, $600. There you go.

Bunny: Before I moved to Seattle I had watched the documentary A Wink and a Smile…I watched that and kind of just filed it away. Like…ha, this is really cool. This is a very cool part of this place where I’m moving. And it was actually with Cocktails at the Center of the Earth (a play at the Annex Theater) that I decided to pursue burlesque because Sailor St. Claire was in the show and I just asked her “How did you start this? How?” and she said, “Well I was moving here from California and it was something I had never done so I did it.” So I took the Academy class in 2012 and it’s been lovely.

POC: For the Academy 101 performance, did you have any feelings about how this was a different type of performance than what you had done in the past and was there any type of nervousness about getting naked on stage?

Bunny: I was nervous but it was kind of like normal performance nervousness for me. It was, “Okay I’m gonna go do this thing that I know I know how to do. I’m just gonna trust that I’m gonna do it. I wasn’t nervous about getting naked. It’s funny some of the other girls in my class put it really well. You’re busy doing so much stuff during a performance. Is this gonna come off the right way? Am I going to remember the right steps? Am I gonna give good face? You’re so busy with other things, thinking about your own nakedness is really the last thing on your mind.

Sara: You know I’d say that I still get that level of nervousness. Ugh, I’m going to perform and get naked, and the second you step on the stage that just goes away. You have to focus on doing your job and getting your stuff done. Self-editing and criticizing is completely unhelpful at that point.

Bunny Von Bunsmore (Photo by Ian Johnston)

Bunny Von Bunsmore (Photo by Ian Johnston)


POC: I guess that brings us to someone else helping you. So what is Tassel Talk?

Sara: Tassel Talk is amazing. Tassel Talk is a baby from BurlyCon where we were sitting around thinking, man, I have no idea if I’m making good work because I’m not getting a lot of feedback about that. And there was a peer review at the time but it wasn’t consistent…So we decided that we wanted to provide that. Tassel Talk is a morning where a bunch of community members sit down and get together and have brunch and drink mimosas and then six brave people get up on a stage – with full lighting and full sound and all the tech we can give them – and perform for us and then we give about 10 minutes of constructive feedback.

Bunny: We thought really hard about how we could make it the safest, happiest experience possible because it’s a scary thing to get up in front of…

Sara: People you respect.

Bunny: Yeah, it’s scary to do that so we wanted to take the bite out of it. Because BurlyCon peer reviews… I haven’t done one personally. But it’s like, oh so you go into a room, there could be people that you don’t know from other cities sitting there and you just kind of go in and you have your time.

Sara: You get feedback there and that is absolutely valuable but I wanted feedback from people that I am working with every single week. I wanted feedback from people that I’d performed with and understand. We wanted to make it as show-like as possible to benefit the people performing but also to benefit the people watching it. We figured if we added a stage, we added lighting, we added sound that wasn’t coming out of a boom box, you know sound coming out of big stage speakers, people would feel more comfortable performing and people would feel more comfortable to ‘woo’ and such.

Bunny: And Annex has been really generous. They’ve provided our space for free.

POC: So you asked them ‘can I do this thing?’

Bunny: Yeah I asked them and you know it’s half because I’m on staff, they know me. They want to keep me happy. And half because Tassel Talk really aligns with their mission, which is creating bold new work. So we stole a lot of our moderation technique from what Annex does from their progress showings where we have people come in to see a production that’s barely on its feet or hasn’t had tech added in yet, and give feedback.

POC: How do you choose performers to perform in a particular month?

Sara: To get the six, I post on the Facebook event page: “Hello we have open sign-ups.” And then on my own personal Sara page: “Hello we have open sign-ups. Please send me a message.” And generally within the first hour I’ve got six people. Then over the course of two weeks or so someone drops out. People drop out because they have other commitments. And that’s why we have alternates. Every single time, one or two alternates have gone. So that’s how we get the six. I’d love for it to be more but we don’t have that kind of time.

Bunny: We can get it done in less than two hours. We do about 10 minutes of talkback after each one, for a five minute act. It’s plenty of time to really hit everything.

POC: Plus you get to take home the notes.

Bunny: Yeah, we have everybody fill out forms so if they don’t necessarily share in the verbal talk back , they can still write down what they thought. And the performer can take that and they can burn them or they can read them. Whatever they want.

POC: So the first one was in January so now six months later can you share your experience on what it’s been like?

Sara: Honestly it has fed me so much as a person in a community and as an artist where every time I go, even if it’s early in the morning. Every time I go I see at least something incredible and often times many incredible things and it inspires me to go work on my stuff. And the Tassel Talk that I was reviewed in inspired me to make it [my act] better because I walked in thinking “I don’t know if this is good or not. I don’t actually know if this is a cohesive, good piece” but getting that kind of feedback made me think, “Oh OK, it’s alright. It’s a good place to start” and I can go much further with it.

Bunny: And you have a direction.

Sara: We create these things in just a little bubble, in our living room. Gluing stuff to stuff.

POC: Or you just have any idea in your head…

Sara: Exactly. And you hope it comes out cohesive. But then you do it [at a show] and you get a bunch of people saying, “Oh good job.” You don’t know if that’s real…

Bunny: Only in a peer review do you find out. And I’ve been surprised and delighted at the way that people have responded to getting very difficult critic of their work. They’ve been delighted and so excited to go and take it away and work on it. And there haven’t been too many hurt feelings, which is incredible.

POC: Well the idea is that there are certain rules on how you can critique someone, right? Let’s say someone’s on stage and the person watching thinks “I don’t like this at all.” They’ve got to find a way to articulate it, so that’s part of the process for the reviewer as well.

Bunny: We’re very specific with the questions we ask. We start with, “What did you like?” So then it’s love-fest,“Hello, these are the good things. Don’t make those good things go away”. And then we move on to “What was confusing? What was unclear? What do we want to see more of?” So that leads people to think very specifically about what it is that they were missing if they really hated an act or really weren’t jazzed about it. They have to be very specific about what it is that made them have that reaction. And that’s helpful because general negativity is just not helpful.

POC: So let’s talk about the hospitality aspect of it…

Bunny & Sara: Mini Bobbins!!!

Sara: She’s great. She got invited to the first Tassel Talk and wrote me and said, “I want to help. How can I help?” And she completely took over food. And it’s the best food. For Valentine’s Day she made chocolate dripped strawberries because she’s adorable. You were a partaker of the food. Did you enjoy it?

POC: I did partake of the food. It was very good. And there’s a jar for donations which goes to her for the food?

Sara: It costs about $50 for the food. So any donations go to her basically and then Bunny and I make up the difference out of our pocket. Which I look at it as a community giving thing.

Bunny: It’s really important to us that the event stay free for the performers because there are lots of opportunities to go and take classes, but they tend to be pricey and that’s fine, and they’re so valuable, but we wanted to have a place where people could come and show their work and not have to spend money in order to make their work better. Annex is donating their space which obviously is such a huge boon to us because space is so difficult to find in the city. And our technician, Alex King is an angel.

Sara: And he’s a professional technician who’s donating his time which is beautiful and I want to hug him all the time.

Bunny: Right. He’s wonderful. He’ll come and tell the performers, “Oh you can just tell your tech to backlight you during this part and it will look great.”

POC: So he’s giving feedback as well?

Sara: Yes. He designed a prop for me. He just gave me a sketch last time and said, “This is how you do that.”

Bunny: He’s one of the best people in the world. Anyway it’s because of donations that we’re running [this]. Annex is donating space, the donated tech, the donated Mini’s time and effort, and people who show up are putting in for food. But we want to make this a little more formalized as far as funding goes for the snacks. So we’re trying to put together a show in December (date and time TBD), showing acts from Tassel Talk that have been reviewed as a fundraiser for next year and to give some money back to Annex…so details forthcoming on that one. It should be a really fun show.

Sara: One thing I do want to say is I wish more people would utilize Tassel Talk. I wish producers would come and audition talent that way. I know I have. I feel like a few other producers have come and said “I’m casting that person now because I know they are fierce”.

Bunny: It’s a place where a completely new performer can come and show themselves and a producer could also come and see, and I think that is really exciting because often you know, the application process for shows is an idea online, but you’re not likely to cast someone that you don’t know or have never seen. So it’s a great opportunity because it’s free and because you just have to sign up. Anybody can get in and be seen.

POC: Well it was a wonderful experience for me… And first of all who doesn’t like socializing around food anyway? It’s people talking and enjoying good food and then they go inside the theater and watch the acts. So it’s a fellowship is what it is.

Sara: It’s burly church. It’s time to go and commune

Bunny: Yeah that’s what makes it less intimidating. You come and you have food and it’s relaxed and casual and you’re just chatting about ideas.

Sara: This a really great way to get to know people you don’t know. There are circles within our community of people that work together all of the time. And this is a good way to make those circles into Venn diagrams. 101 students that are just graduating, if you want to keep performing, come to this. You’ll see so much for free. I mean Iva Handfull did a review once….Crazy. So 101 students, come. Producers, come. Headliners, come give us feedback, if you wouldn’t mind donating your time…

Bunny: …There’s brunch in it for you…

Sara: There’s brunch in it and mimosas and if you gave us the time to tell us how to be better, everyone would get better. Rise all the ships.


You can see Sara Dipity next in Star Trek: The Sexed Generation in September. Visit her at:



You can see Bunny (Katherine Karaus) in Balconies opening August 1.


For info about future Tassel Talk sessions, like them on Facebook.


And… check Annex Theatre’s schedule of performances and go to their support page where you can make a donation to a wonderful theater.



Sara Dipity (Photo by Ralph Gayle)

Sara Dipity (Photo by Ralph Gayle)


Bunny Von Bunsmore (Photo by John Cornicello)

Bunny Von Bunsmore (Photo by John Cornicello)


Pick of the Glitter: Relentless.

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he baddest of the bad: the ladies of IvaFiero Productions

The baddest of the bad: the ladies of IvaFiero Productions

IvaFiero Productions brings two of burlesque’s most untamed hearts together for shows of a slightly different palate than our already wide world of Seattle burlesque.  “Relentless” is the adjective that many have used to describe the individual performance styles of Iva Handfull and Seraphina Fiero; Relentless is the name they’ve chosen for the annual showcase of some of their favorite performers.  Anyone who has seen Seraphina or Iva on stage will know that high-octane musicality is high on their priority list. It’s hard not to notice that these women are positively vibrating with energy when given the chance to strip to some of their favorite songs.  Nine Inch Nails-inspired burlesque? Hell yes.  (That show is coming in January 2015).

Back in 2012, the newly christened IvaFiero Productions launched with Glitter Friday, a Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser highlighting fashion designers from the burlesque community (costumes, day wear, fetishwear, accessories…you name it).  The following year the first Relentless arrived, featuring Seattle’s Rainbow & Jonny Boy from the Can Can Castaways and Lady Jack from Chicago. Next up was 2014’s Better Off Nude, a burlesque tribute to ’80s flicks.

“Every act in Relentless oozes individuality, the love of the artform, and epicness in the eyes of the performer (yep, I said epic),” Iva explained to me this week while getting that trademark platinum hair coiffed.  “We aim to make the audience hold their breath during our acts, scoot to the edge of their chair, and be inspired to attack the art they love. It allows us to highlight other Seattle area performers who we think are also relentless in their performances, as well as invite an out-of town relentless guest performer to introduce our Seattle audience to.”

Attacking the art they love? Words to burlesque by…and voraciously, in BSP’s humble opinion.

Relentless 2014 brings together Bolt Action, Tootsie Spangles, Flirty Sanchez, Iva, Seraphina, and 2013 King of Burlesque Ray Gunn (Chicago).  I asked Iva how they met Ray:  “Where do we begin?  We start by saying that Seraphina Fiero has the hugest crush on Ray, to the point where it’s hard for her to speak with, stand next to, or act normal around.  She literally has to change her panties every time she talks to him. Ray hails from Chicago (seems like Chicago is hoarding all the relentless performers) and is one-third of the award-winning Stage Door Johnnies,” she explained.  Since meeting Ray in 2010 at the 1st Annual Windy City Burlesque Festival, Iva has performed with him on numerous other stages around the country.  “I love that Ray hits beats you didn’t know were there and then creates his own waves when there’s no beat there.  He slithers, creeps, and flexes each muscle individually,  oozes sexuality, and makes audiences lose their minds.”

Ray will be debuting a new act for this show, as well as his fabulous step-down number for BHoF as well as one other number that Iva herself deems “perfectly relentless.”


Relentless runs July 26-27 at Theatre Off Jackson. For tickets and more info, click HERE and HERE.

Ray Gunn

Ray Gunn

Bolt Action

Bolt Action

Tootsie Spangles

Tootsie Spangles

Flirty Sanchez

Flirty Sanchez

Undressed To Kill returns July 11-12.

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A sneak peek from Stripped Screw's recent shoot with Meneldor Photography

A sneak peek from Stripped Screw’s recent shoot with Meneldor Photography

Violet Tendencies and her sisters-in-crime Stripped Screw Burlesque seem to get exponentially busier every year. At home they’ve boasted a hardcore following for quite a few years now; recently though, Stripped Screw has been growing their national presence through blood, sweat, and a whole lot of pastie glue. You might have spotted them poolside at the Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekender looking hot and menacing (always a winning combo) at the “Screw’d Cabana”, rocking itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-shiny-matching-black-bikinis…or you might have seen Violet’s “Raven” act as she threw down with the best of the best in the prestigious “Movers, Shakers, & Innovators” show on BHOF kickoff night.

Of that performance, Violet told me recently, “The most important thing I can say is that it was such an intense honor to perform for a house full of my peers and idols. It was great fun to be able to bring an act that I am passionate about and that feels so outside of the usual competitive ilk and I was thrilled to see some amazingly innovative acts on stage in the competition (hello Aurora Galore, Lisa Fa’alafi and reigning Queen Midnite Martini!!!)”

If you didn’t go to Vegas this summer for the annual Weekender, there’s always this weekend here in Seattle to make amends. Catch the gang of bad, bad girls that is Stripped Screw Burlesque as they remount the murder mystery Undressed To Kill at the Columbia City Theater July 11 and 12.  Bravado and badassery have always ranked high among their charms- crystallized perfectly by the amusingly direct teasers they’ve posted recently concerning the upcoming show:

“Need a little sex and violence in your life? The Screws’ murder mystery is back and it’s better than ever…

or how about…

“It looks like someone has come to the end of their rope! But is Seraphina Fiero in a bind or did another Screw fall victim to the dangerous joys of jute? Find out July 11 and 12 at Columbia City Theater as we present Undressed to Kill

We couldn’t possibly have come up with a more intriguing set of teasers.

Undressed To Kill is Violet’s personal favorite among their rotating repertoire. With a storyline not as rigid as their annual monster-hit Disney After Dark, the refined set of acts making up Undressed plays to the ladies’ natural proclivities in a way you might not have seen before. Get tickets HERE. And don’t forget to check out the profile we posted on Violet pre-BHOF, over HERE.

Kutie LaBootie (Meneldor Photography)

Kutie LaBootie (Meneldor Photography)


Stella D'Letto (Meneldor Photography)

Stella D’Letto (Meneldor Photography)


Violet Tendencies (Meneldor Photography)

Violet Tendencies (Meneldor Photography)


Lady Drew Blood (Meneldor Photography)

Lady Drew Blood (Meneldor Photography)


Seraphina Fiero (Meneldor Photography)

Seraphina Fiero (Meneldor Photography)



Kitten N’ Lou: July’s City Arts cover stars.

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July 2014 City Arts

Seattle’s Pride weekend was marked by more than a few surreal occurrences: Cher emerged from a Trojan Horse over at Key Arena, Mama Tits fiercely faced off with religious protestors near the start of the parade (resulting in this awesome photoscroll down, you’ll know the one), and Kitten N’ Lou popped up on the cover of City Arts. And that’s only the beginning…photos are still rolling in online.

The City Arts piece on Kitten N’ Lou was written prior to their “Most Comedic” title win in Vegas at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Tournament of Tease” and also shy of their performance at World Pride Toronto and the closing of Lou’s There Once Was A Man.  Grab a copy of City Arts over at Pretty Parlor or on most street corners downtown, or you can read online HERE. The article touches on the formation of The Atomic Bombshells, how that n’ came to be in the first place, and sheds some light on how Lou went from in-demand dance teacher to feature performer in the worldwide burlesque/boylesque community.

Catch Kitten N’ Lou and BFF BenDeLaCreme (hot off his star turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, in case you haven’t heard) this week at The Triple Door – July 2 & 3 to be exact – for Freedom Fantasia. For tickets and more information click HERE.

(Psst…for photos of the BurlyCon brigade marching at Seattle Pride taken by BSP’s very own POC, click HERE!)


A farewell to Wild Cherry.

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Burlesque legend Wild Cherry

Burlesque legend Wild Cherry

Today many of us are deeply saddened by the news of the death of New Orleans burlesque legend Wild Cherry. Some of the most touching tributes we’ve seen have been firsthand accounts from performers that grew to know and love her in recent years (Trixie Little posted some beautiful memories early this morning, as have many, many others).

Back in 2013, Coco Lectric did a tribute act to Wild Cherry at the Texas Burlesque Festival and POC was in attendance.  In looking back, we wanted to share an excerpt from that story, in which Coco sums up what the experience of working with her was like and how intense and physical she was.  (We also encourage you to read THIS excellent biographical piece on Wild Cherry by Rick Delaup, which many of us have read and re-read many times over the years, as information on her was so hard to find).

As Coco recounted to POC in April 2013…

“I don’t really know where to begin when it comes to my Wild Cherry tribute performance. When Cherry and I spoke about it this past September, I immediately became thrilled and nervous! Hailing from New Orleans, Wild Cherry worked the touring circuit from the late 1950s through the 70s. There are no videos of her during her touring years, but her incredible performance style and before-her-time abilities made me want to share her career with audiences and fellow performers. She was such a physical performer, using tumbling techniques, balance and exotic floor work. The first day we met for her to train me she had abdominal isolations and foot work ready to go. The gracefulness of her arms was the first thing I noticed about her when I saw her perform for the first time, and there she was teaching me to do it! She was very sure to include her signature moves from her signature piece, a number in which she spun, gyrated, isolated her movements and traveled across the stage in the splits in a teal costume.

I met with Wild Cherry a few times, but each time was packed with so much knowledge that I had to take notes and run home to practice. Through the year I learned to invest in a good set of knee pads, a thicker yoga mat and some really good gel to keep my own signature Bettie bangs slicked back so I could wear Cherry’s signature ponytail.

In my attempt to truly do justice to Cherry’s tribute, I did my best to maintain her style and personality. She didn’t smile often, she would zone out at times during this piece and really get into the music; she was tiny and tough…”

Legend Wild Cherry, and Coco's brilliant recreation of that famous photo with the help of photographer Steve DeMent.

Legend Wild Cherry, and Coco’s tribute to that famous photo with the help of photographer Steve DeMent.

Closing time Picks of the Glitter: Get ‘em before they’re gone…

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Tory Tiara in Wake the Night: this late night series closes June 28

Tory Tiara in Wake the Night: this late night series closes June 28

Yeah, we know…you’ve been outside basking in Solstice celebration sun, oogling the naked bike riders and planning what to wear (or what not to wear at all) to Pride.

Here’s our picks for Thursday through Saturday night shows- all last calls before their final curtain:

Wake The Night @ Teatro ZinZanni, closes Saturday June 28 10:30pm.

Tory Peil, who some may know as Tory Tiara (Spectrum Dance Theatre, Whim W’Him, Lily Verlaine & Jasper McCann Presents), and Eric Esteb (Let’s Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) have been performing in Teatro ZinZanni’s late night series Wake the Night throughout May and June.  The interactive dance party mixing burlesque, cirque, and general late night hedonism closes this Saturday June 28.  Tory explained a little about her background and how burlesque and clubbing bump up against each other in Wake The Night:

“I’m a classically trained ballerina so the world of contemporary dance and burlesque seemed entirely out of the realm of possibility just five years ago. I previously danced with Spectrum Dance Theater and now am a full time company member of Whim W’him, Olivier Wever’s company. I was lucky to be taken under the wing of some of the great performers in this town like Lily Verlaine and Jonny Boy of the Can Can. [They] saw my love of acting and vamping, and encouraged me to mix it with my heavily technical background. The mix has been an incredible joy — dancing in a not so serious way while making an audience laugh is really rewarding. I’m drawn to the incredible amount of creativity the burlesque and nightclub scene bring to the stage. There are no rules in that world, which is really exhilarating. I’m really inspired by being pushed physically and creatively.”

Wake the Night is the perfect meld of Seattle’s incredible theatre scene and a night at a dance club. Being surrounded by performers who are just enjoying the music along side you and ready to throw down a surprise at any moment is something Seattle doesn’t offer anywhere else. It’s a sexy, exciting night for someone of any adult age…You’ll find us throwing down on go-go platforms, giving you some Bollywood parades and even having a bull fight pas de deux. It’s a crazy mix of anything and everything throughout the night.”

For information and tickets to Wake the Night, click HERE.

Eric Esteb (Let's Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) in Wake The Night

Eric Esteb (Let’s Hear It For The Boys at Teatro ZinZanni, Spamalot at 5th Avenue) in Wake The Night


The Heavenly Spies in The Kitty Cat Club @ Can Can, closes Friday June 27 9:30pm.

The Heavenly Spies have been one of BSP’s favorites since the days of our itsy-bitsy column in The Stranger. These ladies have been twirling and twerking in various high-kicking combinations for over 10 years and we hope they’ll never, ever, EVER stop. Don’t miss the final show of their latest masterpiece evocative of a Parisian nightclub, The Kitty Cat Club. Seating begins at 9pm; show starts 9:30. Get tickets HERE.

Kitty Cat Club

Kitty Cat Club closes June 27


Sinner Saint Burlesque in Very Special Feelings @ Rebar, one night only Thursday June 26 7pm.

From the desk of Sinner Saint Burlesque…

“What if your angsty youth could have its own private dancer? The Very Special Feelings Show is BACK! Sinner Saint’s signature fundraiser is styled after the Salon Of Shame, in which we invite our BurlyQ besties to come read their old stories, diaries, and journal entries – but we add a cabaret twist. Each poignant, embarrassing, hilarious, and very revealing reader is accompanied by an improvised burlesque routine – they don’t know what will be read until they hit the stage. It’s experimental strip tease art full of strange and very personal moments.”

Featuring Sinner Saint Burlesque and special guests Adra Boo, Billy Scream, EmpeROAR Fabulous, Heidi Van Haught, Paul Phillion, Randi Rascal, Sailor St. Claire, and Trojan Original.

“This year’s Very Special Feelings Show is the kick-off for a fundraising and marketing campaign to support, “Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone: Maiden, Mother, Crone”, a theatrical work coming October 2014, produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson. The show’s aim is to examine the archetypes, roles, stereotypes, passions, joys, and successes of the cycles of women’s lives.”

Get tickets HERE.

One night only! Thursday June 26

One night only! Thursday June 26



Whedonesque Burlesque returns August 15-23.

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Sailor St. Claire in Whedonesque Burlesque (Photo by Jules Doyle)

Sailor St. Claire in Whedonesque Burlesque (Photo by Jules Doyle)

Jo Jo Stiletto’s flagship nerdlesque production – or rather, the one that cemented her reputation for presenting kick-ass explorations of striptease and geek culture to a wider audience – is without a doubt Whedonesque Burlesque: Burlesque Inspired by the Works of Joss Whedon.

The cast (including Sailor St. Claire, Jake Groshong, Jesus la Pinga, La Petite Mort, Lady Drew Blood, Tootsie Spangles, Scarlett O’Hairdye, and more) draws inspiration and a mere starting point from cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers, Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, Serenity, and Angel.  From science fiction and fantasy to comics and TV, the array of bit players, heroes, and villains populating “The Whedonverse” is endless – as are the possibilities when fan fiction and live theater meet.

The show is known to sell out fast and months in advance; tickets just went on sale for two weekends of performances in August at Theatre Off Jackson. Get tickets now before they’re gone.

SHOW DATES: Aug 15, 16, 21, 22, & 23 2014

Whedonesque Burlesque features:

Al Lykya
Ariel Echo
Hattie HellKat
Jake Groshong
Jesus la Pinga
La Petite Mort
Lady Drew Blood
Maggie McMuffin
Maxie Milieu
Rebecca M Davis
Sailor St. Claire
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Sin de la Rosa
Tootsie Spangles
Verity Germaine
Vox Fabuli Puppets
With Matt Langston and Vanadium Silver

A word on the producer:  Jo Jo Stiletto is a burlesque producer, performer, and historian known as “The Professor of Nerdlesque” – the leading authority on all things nerdy in burlesque. She has been interviewed on the intersection of fandom and performance for several publications including The Wall Street Journal, Geekwire, and Penthouse. Her past productions include The Burl-X-Files: The Truth is Down There, Bechdel Test Burlesque and Nerdiversary. Jo Jo Stiletto has spoken on the subject of feminism, geek culture and burlesque for events like GeekGirlCon, the National Women’s Studies Conference, VikingCon, and more.

Buffy! (Photo by Inti St Clair)

Buffy! (Photo by Inti St. Clair)

Captain Hammer (Photo by Inti St. Clair)

Captain Hammer (Photo by Inti St. Clair)


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