BurlyCon VI.

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     Written by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

BurlyCon comes but once a year
and when it comes you’ll know it’s here
a magical glittery cloud does appear
rising above and spreading good cheer

Rising above and spreading good cheer at the Doubletree Hotel at SeaTac that is. That’s right, BurlyCon VI kicks off this week and is poised to be the most-attended BurlyCon yet. Each year gets bigger and bigger…how will they take the group photo this year, I don’t know. It was quite a feat to accomplish that task last year; however we did manage to set a Guinness World Record for the largest fan dance.

Once again burlesquers will converge on The Doubletree. It’s always great to meet people you’ve heard about as well as reconnect with those you met at last year’s Con or perhaps another burlesque festival around the country.  At BurlyCon the worldwide community gets to come together under this burlesque umbrella to have a little fun and learn from each other.

Says the BurlyCon website:  “BurlyCon is a community-oriented professional growth and educational convention for Burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados.” Last year I made sure to take as many of the different types of educational classes as I could.  Some of the ones that stood out for me: Slow Burn with Lola Frost, Eye Contact with Peekaboo Pointe, This is Your Stage with Alotta Boutté, The Cheeky Reveal with Coco Lectric , Strip Hop with Angelique DeVil (very early in the morning mind you) Also there were many interesting panels such as The Nerdlesque Panel and Size and Body Panel.

Guest of Honor-Wild Cherry

Guest of Honor-Wild Cherry

This year BurlyCon’s Guest of Honor is Wild Cherry from New Orleans, whom I had the honor of seeing perform at New Orleans Burlesque Festival a few years back. This year also boasts an amazing group of presenters, including first time presenters Ray Gunn (our current “King of Boylesque” from this year’s BHoF), Kitten de Ville, and Perle Noire, as well as returning presenter Michelle L’amour (Have you seen her “Butthoven’s 5th Symphony” yet?) So. Many. Classes.

Check the schedule and I’m sure you’ll wish there were two of you because you just won’t be able to choose between which awesome class that you want to take at 2:15.  While you’re at it, download the brand new Guidebook mobile app for your phone or tablet.

Ray Gunn-Current King of Boylesque

Ray Gunn-Current King of Boylesque (photo by Kaylin Idora)

Michelle L'amour

Michelle L’amour (photo by Bruno O’Hara)

In addition to the classes, panels, dances, peer reviews and meet & greets, there is BurlyCon after dark. That’s what I call the unofficial exploits of the BurlyCon attendees once the final events are done each day. (Incidentally, that’s where I learned about Cards Against Humanity for the first time at 2am in the morning at Ed Maloney’s crazy, swingin’ suite). And don’t forgot about the special, burlesque hot tub action (unfortunately there’s a limit on how many of us can be in there at one time).

Perle Noire

Perle Noire (photo by David Woodley)

Kitten de Ville

Kitten de Ville (photo by POC Photo)

If I can stress one little piece of advice, it’s make sure you have plenty of vitamin C, zinc, Purell or whatever your miracle shield is to stave off colds. The BurlyCon Bug is a vicious flu that can inflict a world of hurt.  This is Seattle in November, after all.

I hope you all have a magical time over these 4 days. Can you imagine what a Burlycon summer camp would be like?

Check out Burlycon for more info.

Jezebel Express who lead last year's record breaking fans dance (photo by Don Spiro)

Jezebel Express who lead last year’s record breaking fans dance (photo by Don Spiro)

The Bishop of Burlesque (photo by Don Spiro)

The Bishop of Burlesque (photo by Don Spiro)

Slow Burn with Lola Frost  (photo by Don Spiro)

Slow Burn with Lola Frost
(photo by Don Spiro)

Meet & Greet with Velvet Ice & Ellion Ness (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with Velvet Ice & Ellion Ness (photo by POC)

meet & greet with Eve Harmony, Jeez Loueez & Cora Vette (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with Eve Harmony, Jeez Loueez & Cora Vette (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with the lovely ladies from BC (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with the lovely ladies from BC (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with Polly Wood & Jesse Belle-Jones (photo by POC)

Meet & Greet with Polly Wood & Jesse Belle-Jones (photo by POC)

One to watch: Meneldor Photography.

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The visually striking images of Meneldor Photography have been popping up all over the place recently.  Rick Priest has been hard at work, quietly building up a formidable portfolio that moves between subjects quite comfortably- burlesquers, dancers, actors and beyond.  The images are vivid, lush…each one capturing a moment of stillness so exquisite that it feels as though your eyes are drinking in a painting, rather than a photograph.

“As far as my photographic vision and focus, I tend towards the darker and moodier for sure.  I strive to make each photo that I work on its own individual piece of art,”  Rick explained. Though he has only been taking photos in a serious way since February 2013, with every shoot he is pushing himself to be better and continue to learn.  He credits fellow photographer (and Burlesque Seattle Press co-conspirator) Paul O’Connell as an inspiration, as well as many familiar faces from the Seattle burlesque community.

“As far as performers that move me the ones that come to mind are Seraphina Fiero (of course FIERCE and SEXY. She isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ with her art), Iva Handfull (the first performer that I saw perform on stage and I can never get enough of her sneer and the mohawk. Her energy is amazing, and she’s one of the most driven and nicest people that I have met), Bolt Action (his versatility and stage presence is amazing), Bella Bijoux (LOVE HER. She brings the slow and sexy like no other), Tootsie Spangles (brings the drama to the stage and her acts always tell a story. Her facial expressions make her a pleasure to shoot), and the gentlemen of Mod Carousel (they always amaze me on and off stage. Their attention to their craft is inspiring). Also, I love the Screws and Paul. They have all been very supportive of my photography.”

Currently, Rick is concentrating on event and studio work, and you may well bump into him at shows around town.  You’ll definitely know Meneldor’s photos when you see them.

For this posting, Rick selected a handful of his favorite shots (all are credited below):









Credits, from top of page:

Violet Tendencies, Founder of Stripped Screw Burlesque

Seraphina Fiero, performance shot of her “Demoness” act

Sailor St. Claire “Vintage Goddess” (MakeUp Artist Seraphina Fiero)

Arlene Kosters, in her first ever photo shoot (MakeUp Artist Seraphina Fiero)

Mike Hope, Actor

Seraphina Fiero and Violet Tendencies from the Stripped Screw ‘Vintage Slip’ photo shoot

Seraphina Fiero “Death of Summer”

Mushroom, shot at the Everett Arboretum

Seraphina Fiero


For bookings and information, please contact meneldorphotography@gmail.com




Shakespeare never saw this coming: Boobs and the Bard.

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Scarlett O'Hairdye of Unnatural Redhead Productions (JLD Imagery)

Scarlett O’Hairdye of Unnatural Redhead Productions (JLD Imagery)

“The sparkly influx into my life has been really delightful.” – Scarlett O’Hairdye

~ Written by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

Scarlett O’Hairdye of Unnatural Redhead Productions brings us a new themed burlesque show this Friday and Saturday (November 1-2) at The Jewelbox Theater at The Rendezvous: Boobs and the Bard – A Shakespeare Burlesque!

Scarlett is definitely no stranger to themed tribute and nerdlesque shows. In the past year alone she’s performed in The Burl-X-Files, JOYStick! Level 2, Behind the Blue Door: A Dr. Who-Inspired Cabaret, Accio Burlesque! A Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter, An Evening at Merlotte’s: Burlesque Inspired by True Blood, I Love the 80′s! A Totally Gnarly Burlesque Tribute as well as her last production The Sugar Frosted Crunchy Flake Friday Evening Cartoon Hour and just a few weeks ago, Bechdel Test Burlesque. Due to her keen appreciation of Shakespeare and absolute passion for burlesque sparkliness, it was only a matter of time before she brought Boobs and the Bard to the burlesque stage.

Boobs and the Bard was something that came up about a year and half into my burlesque producing and performing career. There is just a lot you can draw from with Shakespeare, and doing a Shakespeare themed show.” Scarlett says.

Before we talk about stripping to Shakespeare, I like to get into the history of how ordinary citizens succumb to the sparkly and irresistible world of burlesque. So I met Scarlett at Cafe Pettirosso amongst the very loud clinking and clanking of silverware and coffee cups. We both had mint tea (don’t print interviews always make it a point to tell you what the subjects are drinking/eating?) and I set out to get the lowdown on Scarlett’s burlesque origins and glittery associations.

POC: What was your introduction to burlesque?

Scarlett: I actually went to a friend’s recital (at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque 101) in the fall of 2010, and I saw everybody perform and I was like, “I need to do this, this is a thing I need to do.” I couldn’t sign up for winter at that point so I registered for spring of 2011… I registered for spring real early; and then I was thinking about it a lot. My first [non-recital] burlesque show was Stripped Screw’s Christmas show that year. I started going to more shows and I signed up for a variety of dance classes too because I was just really excited about wanting to do everything I could to prepare for it. It was also kind of trying to do something that would distract me from the fact that I wasn’t taking the burlesque class yet.

POC: Did you have any previous experience with performance?

Scarlett: I actually grew up doing community musical theater. My very first play was Showboat and I had the line “Momma, momma, here come the captain.” So I had a lot of theater experience. Also, in early high school I got into going to Anime conventions and cosplaying. So I was sewing a lot of my own costumes and going out in somewhat public venues in crazy outfits and uncomfortable footwear for a couple a weekends a month. I was comfortable onstage and I was comfortable with the idea of wearing weird costumes in front of people. There’s definitely a certain hurdle to get over the idea of actually taking off that weird costume in front of other humans, but I like to joke that I traded my dignity for some magic beans when I was a little kid and that the beans weren’t actually magic. I find life’s a lot more fun if you don’t worry about embarrassing yourself.

POC: What excites you about burlesque/nerdlesque?

Scarlett: I really enjoy getting to self-cast. I think it’s great that in burlesque you can choose to play a character you wouldn’t normally get cast for in a play if you were auditioning for somebody else. I really enjoy just the whole DIY aesthetic. You can do everything from the ground up. You have complete creative control over something you’re creating. Having done art professionally for other people for a really long time, it’s really refreshing to do things entirely like just what you want to do and not necessarily concerned with whether it’s going to please the client. And I really like seeing people use their 3-5 minutes on the stage to do something new and interesting and maybe tell me a story that I didn’t know I was going to be told when I came in.

Mod Carousel (Jazzy Photo)

Mod Carousel (Jazzy Photo)

Scarlett: I think that applies to nerdlesque just as much as it applies to regular burlesque. I feel that nerdlesque is useful as a marketing term; a themed show just tells people what direction the show is going to go once you’re in there. But there’s nothing inherently different from a Star Wars themed show than there is to a show that’s just a mix of classic and neo-burlesque. It’s just the Star Wars one probably has some in-jokes in it.

I want to do acts that I can perform anywhere that don’t require a backstory for the audience; that’s one of my goals for 2014. I want to do acts that you wouldn’t look to qualify them as a nerdlesque act but I want to do them without giving up my nerdiness and my awkwardness and my enjoyment of being funny and a little bit silly on stage.

Hattie Hellkat and Tootsie Spangles (Photo by Amanda Jane)

Hattie Hellkat and Tootsie Spangles (Photo by Amanda Jane)

POC: You mentioned that you fell into producing by accident. How did that happen?

Scarlett: My 101 class actually decided that we wanted to create a troupe. We all really liked performing so much [that troupe, Sass Boom Bang Burlesque, had two shows in the summer and fall of 2011]. After the fall show most of the people in the troupe were like, “I just don’t really have the time for this, I can’t devote as much time to this as this needs.” But by the time we made that decision I had already booked Iva Handfull for what was going to be our February show and I didn’t want to cancel that booking. So I had these dates and I had this headliner… I’ll just open this up and produce a show. It went pretty well and then people started asking me when my next show was going to be and I was like, “Oh ummmmmm, May?” and then I kind of just kept producing.

POC: It looks like you will be very busy in 2014…

Scarlett: I’m moving into producing on a bi-monthly basis for my own shows in 2014. I felt that once I got to the point that I was selling out single night shows, then I can do a double night show. If I’m selling out my single night shows this consistently then I can produce bi-monthly instead of quarterly. I will have 5 shows that are going to be solely Unnatural Redhead Productions in 2014. The December show is going to be in association with Jo Jo Stiletto Events and then me and Sailor St. Claire are talking about co-producing a show (potentially in November) and then me and Randi Rascal are thinking about doing something together for May.

POC: You’re also quite the costumer to the burlesque crowd.

Scarlett: I was reluctant at first to actually make costumes for other people because I wasn’t sure my sewing chops were up to the task. But people would ask and I would look at what they wanted and I would break it down in my head and say “Okay, I think I could actually do that.” Then people would hear that I did costuming and would come to me and I would just look at what they wanted and I would say “Yeah, I think I can do that.” And I have turned “Yeah, I think I can do that” into an actual…something that is making the majority of my income now. That was unexpected but delightful.

POC: What’s it like performing with your husband, Bolt Action (who you met at an Anime convention right)?

Scarlett: Yes. Working together has been really great. He’s just always up for whatever I kind of need him to be up for. And basically that started out because for the first troupe show that my 101 class did, I wanted to do this personal trainer act but I needed a personal trainee and nobody in the troupe could really do it because they were working on their own acts, so I was like, “Sweetie, do you want to let me manhandle you on stage?” and he was like, “yeah I guess.” And then he had a good time and somebody asked him to do a solo act for a nerd theme show that fall. He had this idea to do an Aquaman routine and it’s probably become his signature act.

Bolt Action & Scarlett (JLD Imagery)

Bolt Action & Scarlett (JLD Imagery)

POC: Your wedding back in May was a burlesque extravaganza.

Scarlett: It was. My wedding was attended half by family, friends, and knitters, which is my other big group here in Seattle, and half by sparkle people. The sparkly influx into my life has been really delightful.

POC: Back to Boobs and The Bard, can you tell me a little about your fondness for Shakespeare?

Scarlett: We all had to read Shakespeare and there were definitely some plays I was more interested in reading than others. My favorite was probably “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream”. I read it willingly and on multiple occasions. My next favorite is “Twelfth Night”. I have an appreciation for somebody who has written so much and written with such a variety of characters. For the show, I’m super excited that I was able to arrange Iris Explosion to come out from New York to be my headliner. I actually contacted her on a recommendation from Jo Jo Stiletto who said she had an awesome speak and strip from the end of “Much Ado About Nothing”. She has three Shakespeare pieces so I said to her, “You’re closing the show, here’s the feeling I would like the end of the show to have. Which one do you want to do?”

New York's Iris Explosion (Photo by Steve Olender)

New York’s Iris Explosion (Photo by Steve Olender)


To find out which one Iris chose, you must come to the show. In addition to Iris Explosion, the cast includes: Jesus la Pinga, Scarlett O’Hairdye, Bolt Action, Queenie O’Hart, Tootsie Spangles, Hattie Hellkat, Solange Corbeau, Olatsa Assassin, Sailor St. Claire, Trojan Original, Paris Original, The Luminous Pariah, and will be hosted by Rebecca Mmm Davis.

Man, if only Shakespeare were like this in high school.

Get tickets HERE.

This weekend!

This weekend!

Picks of the glitter: a cornucopia of fall burlesque events!

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There are too many noteworthy shows to mention over the next few weeks. Here’s our top picks for the most stellar events to keep you warm before the holiday blitz begins:

10/26 Witching Hour starring the Mistress of Hallow’s Eve: Joey Arias @ Teatro ZinZanni

Legendary NYC mega-icon Joey Arias is coming…you better look sharp. Here’s the scoop:

“Come ghouls and goblins to see the spook-tacularly prolific and bona fide NYC icon, Joey Arias, for one night only under the velvet-topped tent! In addition to the candy for the eyes, the evening also features naughty nibbles for the hauntingly hungry, costume contest for the devil inside and prizes for the scariest boys and ghouls!”

About Joey Arias: “A fixture of New York City’s vibrant downtown performance scene for 30-plus years, Joey Arias is a true NYC icon. Arias lived and worked with legendary musician Klaus Nomi until Nomi’s death in 1983. However, he has long since stepped out of Nomi’s shadow to gain fame in his own right as a performance artist, cabaret singer and drag artist. Arias was tapped by Cirque du Soleil to originate the role of the emcee in their Las Vegas spectacular Zumanity, for which he co-wrote three songs. On film, he has appeared in Mondo New York, Big Top Pee Wee, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Wigstock – The Movie, Flawless and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Television credits include the infamous “Saturday Night Live” episode with David Bowie and Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson’s “Vandemonium”, Elvira’s “MTV Halloween Special,” and more.”

Get tix HERE.

October 26

October 26

10/27 The Rocky Horror Pastie Show @ Columbia City Theater

Portland’s Miss Kennedy brings The Rocky Horror Pastie Show (now in its third year) to The Columbia City Theater in Seattle. A “live adaptation of Rocky Horror with a little less dialogue and a LOT more T&A”- not to mention a fantastic cast featuring some folks we don’t get to see often enough in Seattle.

Grant Frey and Lovie Lane as Brad and Janet
Zora Phoenix as Frank-N-Furter
Isaiah Esquire as Rocky
Sofia Flash as Magenta
Miss Kennedy as Columbia
Noah Mickens as Riff Raff
Burk Biggler as Dr. Scott

with knockout burlesque performances by:
Infamous Nina Nightshade
Lascivious Lenore
Sofia Flash
Rian Ryn
Dee Dee Pepper
special guest
Whisper De Corvo

Be sure to break out your fishnets, pearls, and platforms so you can walk away with some fancy prizes from the Rocky Horror costume contest. Get tix HERE.

October 27

October 27


11/1 POC Photo @ Fremont Coffee Company

At Fremont’s November Art Walk, POC will be displaying photos from his Burlesque photo exhibit that debuted at Tigerlily Salon way back in August. Stop by Fremont Coffee Company from 6-8pm and say hello! Beer, wine and coffee drinks will be available.


11/2 Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque present HORN O’ PLENTY: A Burlesque Feast for the Eyes @ the Historic Capitol Theater, Olympia

Another brilliantly named show from our favorite Oly sisters. Here’s the skinny from the ladies themselves:

“TUSH! Burlesque is back with another incredible original show! Join us as we present a cornucopia of autumnal delights in song, dance and striptease.

The ladies of TUSH! Burlesque are celebrating the season together, and we’ve invited special guests Foxy Tann, Jeez Louise and Red Bone to join us at our holiday table. But it looks like our dinner is nearly undone! Between the joys of family obligations, travel, mandatory overtime, and other holiday delights, anything could happen. Will everyone make it to the feast on time, in one piece, and with their potluck offering in hand? There’s only one way to find out – get your tickets and see the show!”

Get tix HERE.

Olympia's Own TUSH! Burlesque: Horn O' Plenty, November 2

Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque: Horn O’ Plenty, November 2


11/2 La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret @ Columbia City Theater

Do you like your burlesque a little more sinister? La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabarets are always a pleasure. The November cabaret has a lineup to die for (no pun intended)…

Hosted by Diva le Déviant
Performances by:
La Petite Mort
Nickolai Pirak
The Shanghai Pearl
Jesse Belle Jones
Miss J9 Fierce
Vox Fabuli Puppets
Gale Force

Music by:
Peculiar Pretzelmen
l’Orchestre d’Incroyable

Get tix HERE.

November 2

November 2


11/7-11/10 BURLYCON!!! @ the Doubletree Hotel Seatac

This is a big one. Now in its sixth action-packed year, BurlyCon is back November 7-10. This year’s Guest of Honor is none other than New Orleans burlesque legend Wild Cherry. Get tix and info HERE.

Gorgeous.  Wild Cherry will appear at BurlyCon 2013.  (Photo courtesy of eccentricneworleans.com)

Gorgeous. Wild Cherry will appear at BurlyCon 2013. (Photo courtesy of eccentricneworleans.com)


11/13-11/16 The Atomic Bombshells…Lost in Space! @ The Triple Door

It really is the most ridiculously glorious and over-the-top of all the Bombshells’ shows…and that’s saying something. The details:

“Back by popular demand for its third run: Seattle’s burlesque all-stars blast off with their glittering sci-fi spectacle and fan favorite. These award winning showgirls and boys are back from the east coast to celebrate their 10-year anniversary this November. Watch them pull out all the stops as they return to the gorgeous Triple Door theater with the third run of their most over-the-top show to date! With an otherworldly retro-future soundtrack featuring Joe Meek, Esquivel, and Raymond Scott, The Atomic Bombshells take you on an intergalactic voyage of sight and sound, filled with alluring aliens, slinky space adventurers, bodacious Barbarellas, and planetary princesses! Did we mention that The Atomic Bombshells were recently described as “polished, clever, and glamorous” by none other than Dita Von Teese?

Hosted by Captain Jasper McCann, with First Mate Lou Henry Hoover- also featuring Seattle’s “Premier Fancy Lady” BenDeLaCreme and gender-blending boylesque sensation Waxie Moon! This season also features a sizzling chorus of shimmering meteor men, comprised of Seattle’s dance and boylesque all stars: Paris and Trojan Original, Markeith Wiley, Faggedy Randy, and Nikolai Lesnikov.”

Get tix HERE.

*Sigh* The Atomic Bombshells, November 13-16.

*Sigh* The Atomic Bombshells, November 13-16.


11/15-11/16 The NAKED Show @ Theatre Off Jackson

The name really does say it all. Heidi Von Haught and Randi Rascal (aka Clown Stripper Productions) will unveil “The NAKED Show: a variety show that gives the performers the freedom to do their thing all the way, au naturel, day-you-were-born, in-the-raw, full-monty, full-frontal naked! More than just a burlesque show that shows a little more, this show will explore the meaning of nudity and the context in which we experience it. Naked isn’t just state of mind, it’s a statement of culture, and of how we define vulnerability, obscenity, and art.”

Get tix HERE.

November 15-16

November 15-16

Bechdel Test Burlesque.

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Bechdel Test Burlesque: October 18

Bechdel Test Burlesque: October 18

~ Written by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

This Friday night Bechdel Test Burlesque arrives for two shows at Re-bar. Hosted by Rebecca M. Davis and produced in association with GeekGirlCon and the “Four Redheads of the Geekpocalypse” (the unofficial name for producers Jo Jo Stiletto, Sailor St. Claire, Scarlett O’Hairdye and Portland’s Sophie Maltease), the show has been a collaborative labor of love. “…It has been a true group effort the whole way! If we’ve had this much fun putting it together, I can barely imagine what’s about to happen on that stage. There must be a word to describe it. Maybe… funrageous.” Jo Jo says.

To understand GeekGirlCon’s perspective, Jo Jo says that she went straight to the source: Jennifer K. Stuller, Director of Programming and Events for the annual conference. “We love strong female characters and we love them even more when they are complex and we believe that performance provides opportunities to tell new, challenging and inspiring stories about our favorite female characters and their allies,” she explained.

Jo Jo Stiletto has already earned some spectacular bona fides as a geeklesque producer (Whedonesque and Burl-X-Files are her biggest successes to date), so I went to her for a little background on the one-off show Bechdel Test Burlesque

POC: Tell me about this show and its relationship with GeekGirlCon.

Jo Jo: Many people have said they had to look up what the phrase ‘Bechdel Test’ means. This is a good thing. But for the GeekGirlCon crowd it’s shorthand to say “this show is for you.”

POC: I am one of those that had to look it up…(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test)

Jo Jo: First, I’ll speak for myself and not necessarily for my co-producers. This show was born out of the idea that geeky burlesque, despite the naysayers, can be more than a gimmick to attract fan boys. Also, in my research this year I heard many things that made me, privately, very angry. In coded language or said outright, I’ve been told that nerdlesque is ruining burlesque. These people have the best intentions. I respect their opinions. Instead of writing about it or discussing at length, I’d rather SHOW people what I believe in.

Bechdel Test Burlesque, to me, feels like taking the gloves off and throwing down. Oh yeah, ruining burlesque? Well, here is Miss Indigo Blue and her legendary Wonder Woman act. I wanted to show that nerd-focused burlesque can be actually really very good, in fact, some of the best. Let’s not forget fun, sexy, and emotional! Also, just because there are a many misogynistic issues in geek culture, convention culture and cosplay, it doesn’t mean that nerdlesque is also inherently problematic. Al Lykya’s “Duke Nukem “ act takes that head on. We aren’t dancing around it: this is show for geeky feminist women by geeky feminist women who aren’t afraid to show it, all of it.

Miss Indigo Blue (Photo by John Cornicello)

Miss Indigo Blue (Photo by John Cornicello)

POC: How did you decide what acts to choose for this show?

Jo Jo: For curation, we brainstormed around the simple idea of what are the best acts that speak to the GeekGirlCon crowd. Which acts speak to us personally? For me, including performers like Flirty Sanchez was important. She once said she wasn’t nerdy enough for all these themed shows in Seattle. Yet her work, in general, speaks to me so personally as the once awkward, bookish teenager. Scarlett was inspired to create a new act when she met the actress who portrayed one of her favorite sci-fi characters. The actress told her that being reasonable was overrated. So, maybe, that’s a bit of our motto for this show. Being reasonable is overrated. The cast of this show is unreasonably good! It might be criminal to put Miss Indigo Blue, Lola LeSoleil (just recently crowned “Queen of the Alabama Burlesque Festival”), the Shanghai Pearl and Iva Handfull on the same stage. But we didn’t stop there. Check out our lineup. BOOM!

Bolt Action
Flirty Sanchez
Maxie Milieu (formerly known as Lady Laycock)
Sara Dipity
Sailor St. Claire
Scarlett O’Hairdye
Sophie Maltease
Trojan Original
Al Lykya

Lola LeSoleil (Burlesque Atlanta)

Lola LeSoleil (Burlesque Atlanta)

POC: Some of you fabulous ladies aren’t just producing and performing in phenomenal geeklesque shows, but will be participating in many of the events at GeekGirlCon this weekend, correct?

Jo Jo: Scarlett, Sailor, Rebecca and myself are teaching a class called Show Me How To Nerdlesque at the conference. Sailor is sharing her expertise on the Geeks with Disabilities panel plus the More Than Skin Deep: Geeky Tattoos panel. Scarlett helped create an amazing book on steampunk fashion, thus she is participating in a Dignified Reading from The Ladies of Mischief and Steampunk Knitted Fashions with the Ladies of Mischief. I just heard word that the Shanghai Pearl will be joining a discussion about race and cosplay with Chaka Cumberbatch.

Shanghai Pearl (Photo by Jules Doyle)

Shanghai Pearl (Photo by Jules Doyle)

Host Rebecca M. Davis (Photo by Jules Doyle)

Host Rebecca M. Davis (Photo by Jules Doyle)

This is HUGE! I have a feeling this will be the kind of extremely valuable discussion about appropriation and race that I wish could happen at BurlyCon. Oh, and I’m speaking on three panels, Fat Girl, Fan Girl, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Fan Phenomenon, and Changing Culture in Mainstream and Alternative Spaces. Whew!

As Jo Jo says: “No one can accuse us of being fake geek girls.” And that’s absolutely true. Tickets are going fast . Get yours HERE.

For you.

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We here at Burlesque Seattle Press are taking a week or two off to work on some glamorous freelancing…but don’t you fret. You know we always leave a little something special for you to feast your eyes on. See you soon, pretty things.

Carole Lombard and a friend, 1930s

Carole Lombard and a friend, 1930s

Seattle Burlesque Games return for another round.

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~ Written by Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

Get ready for some campy displays of athleticism and cheeky competition at Re-Bar this Friday night as the Seattle Burlesque Games return for a second year. The show is produced by Miss Kitty Baby – an active supporter of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, which this show benefits. Miss Kitty Baby is also a huge champion of recognizing and honoring our burlesque Legends and of the importance of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the world’s only museum dedicated to preserving their history.

“There are always things like rent, archiving supplies, and preservation of our memorabilia that can benefit from our donation,” Miss Kitty Baby explained last year on the relevance of fundraising for the museum. “Burlesque has a unique grasp on our history in a way not many art forms or subcultures do. It was also a special request from the stage of the Hall of Fame Reunion [in 2012] that we in the burlesque communities act as ambassadors for spreading the word for the need to support the Burlesque Hall of Fame.”

Recently I asked Miss Kitty Baby some questions about this year’s sexiest benefit (full disclosure-I am also involved with this show, performing as competitor Man Johnson):

POC: What was your experience with last year’s Seattle Burlesque Games?

KITTY BABY: We came up with last year’s idea on a whim and it turned out to be an incredibly fun community builder and the audience went wild. I was just so impressed with how well everyone came together to make it run smoothly. It was a big pile of fun for myself, the performers and the audience. As it should be.

POC: Is there anything different about this production than last year’s show?

KITTY BABY: This year we are adding the After Party. We have the Re-Bar for the whole night so we aren’t as restricted with time. This will allow us to splash around in the Games a bit more. With the added excitement and interest after last year’s show, I think the performers will take it up a notch. The after party will be live jazz by Pervana (the Tuesday Tease band) and a cast of kamikaze strip teasers. They won’t know what songs they are dancing to or the show order. It’s not a competition, but it’s definitely challenging and fun. Oh and thanks to Babe of Belltown, this year we have a five and a half foot trophy for the Ultimate Grand Supreme winner.

…It’s really inspiring to see 46 Seattle burlesque performers and musicians come together in the name of community and support for the Burlesque Hall of Fame. It makes my heart happy to see such incredible support from the performers, our audience and our sponsors.


The show is hosted by Elsa Von Schmaltz and the celebrity judges will be Jamie Von Stratton and Tamara The Trapeze Lady,

The 2013 Seattle Burlesque Game Team:

Pixie Parcelle, Lady Drew Blood, Bunny Von Bunsmore, MeMe La Saint, Flirty Sanchez, Sailor St. Claire, Cherry “Killer” Tomatoes, Whisper De Corvo, Miss Violet DeVille, Scarlett O’Hairdye, Stella D’Letto, Kutie La Bootie, Karmen Sutra, Man Johnson, Sabina Soubrette, Solange Corbeau, Holly Bordeaux, Huney Bush, Eddie Van Glam, EmpeROAR Fabulous, Dahlia Ste Cyr, Waxie Moon, Boom Boom L’Roux, Lord Richard Longfellow, The Kentucky Dandy, Candy Apples, Dinah Takitov, Queenie O’Hart, Elsa Von Schmaltz, Palomita Mar, Red Delicious, Tamara Trapeze, Dizzy Von Damn, Olatsa Assasin, Cherry Tart, Persephone Illyri , Dessi Devine, Sara Dipity, Jenny Brown, Morgan Gilkeson,Tyson Lynn and Britton Bangs.

Seattle Burlesque Games 2013
Friday, October 4 Saturday, October 5
@Re-Bar (1114 Howell Street, Seattle)

Click HERE for event details and ticketing info, and click HERE to visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

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